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bratislava old town municipal hall bratislava rathaus bratislava vecchio municipio bratislava radhusBratislava City Tour

What you see:

A qualified Bratislava tour guide will show you during a fascinating tour:

  • All most beautiful  Bratislava Old Town Sites
  • The Bratislava Coronation Church - St. Martin´s (outside)
  • Bratislava City Coronation Route
  • View of the Bratislava Castle from the Bratislava City
Details on the Bratislava City Tour

1,5 hrs.


Feel free to choose date and time.

Meeting point:

Pick up in your hotel or as agreed.

Number of participants:

From 1 person and more

Total price per tour:

          1-10 persons: 75 euros
          11-30 persons: 90 euros
          31 -50 persons: 100 euros

          51 and more persons: 150 euros

Book now! It's so easy:
Details on the Bratislava City Tour
bratislava opera house bratislava opernhaus bratislava teatro lirico bratislava opernhus

We can tailor the bellow Bratislava City Tour according to your
expectations, too. Just let us know, please.

The whole of the Bratislava Old Town including the Bratislava Castle
Area is traffic-free and mostly flat. You can reach every important site
within minutes on foot. The Bratislava City is very compact.

During this fascinating walk in Bratislava, a qualified tourist guide,
will show you all gems of the Bratislava Old Town. Have a look at the
coronation church - St. Martin's. Here the kings and queens were crowned
during almost three centuries.

Relax by looking at the Bratislava Castle on the hill. Take a look at the former Jewish
quarter. Like a queen or a king, stroll down the coronation route. Admire
houses where Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt presented their music personally.

See more than five centuries old Academia Istropolitana - the first
university. Enjoy the view of the magnificent Michael's Tower. Pass by
the former Royal Chamber to the astonishing Main Square. See the Old
Town Hall, fine historical houses, several noble palaces.

Then see the Franciscan's monastery plus its famous beer tower. Continue to the
pearl of the city architecture the beautiful Primate's Palace.

Take a picture of the most photographed statue of a nosy observer
pushing his head out from a sewer. Enjoy the Old Opera House. Admire the
Slovak Philharmony Palace and the Danube river close by.

Our qualified Bratislava guide will tell you plenty of stories about
past and present life in Bratislava. He will give you lots of practical
information. Many pleasant experiences!

bratislava watcher bratislava gucker bratislava guardone bratislava

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bratislava castle detail bratislava burg pressburg details castello di bratislava dettagli bratislava slott dettaljerBratislava City and Castle Tour

What you see:

  •     Bratislava Castle (outside)
        Scenic View of Bratislava City from above
        All most beautiful  Bratislava Old Town Sites
        The Bratislava Coronation Church - St. Martin´s (outside)
        Bratislava Old Town Coronation Route
Details Bratislava Castle and City tour

3 hrs.


Feel free to choose date and time.

Meeting point:

Pick up in your hotel or as agreed.

Number of participants:

From 1 person and more

Total price per tour:  

   1-10 persons: 90 euros

   11-30 persons: 120 euros

   31 - 50 persons: 130 euros 

   51 and more persons: 180 euros

Book now! It's so easy:
bratislava castle view bratislava burg ansicht bratislava castello veduta bratislava slott
Details Bratislava Castle and City Tour
We can tailor the bellow Bratislava Castle  and City Tour according to
your expectations, too. Just let us know, please.

The  whole  Bratislava Castle  Area is traffic-free. From the Bratislava
Old Town, we will walk up to the Bratislava Castle within approximatly
15 minutes comfortably using one of three gates to enter the fortified
Castle area.

Have a most impressive view of the Bratislava Old Town, the Danube, the
Slovak Parliament and three European countries! You will see all of it
at one glance. Enjoy the history of the Castle dating back two millenia.

Hear the stories about the Celtic princes, the Germanic tribes and what
the Romans built here after them. Learn about the Slavic empire, the
later Hungarian kingdom.

See the places where the imperial Habsburg family came for five
centuries.  Underneath your feet, observe the life in the fortified
Bratislava Old Town, the separately built both the Jewish and the
Protestant quarters.

And learn above the present life of the inhabitants of the high-rise
blocks of flats built in the Communist era. Look at local  vinyards
stretching on the horizon. Then continue with the fascinating history of
the Bratislava Old  Town during the second part of this walk called Bratislava  City Tour

bratislava st martins dome bratislava fortification bratislava martinsdom bratislava stadtmauern bratislava duomo di san martino bratislava fortificazioni e mura bratislava katedralen stadens murerna

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bratislava blue church bratislava blaue kirche bratislava chiesetta blu bratislava blu kyrkan Bratislava Customized Tour

We can prepare a fully customized Bratislava Castle  and City Tour
according to
your expectations, too. Anything is possible. Just let us know, please.

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bratislava city hall courtyard bratislava rathaushof bratislava cortile del vecchio municipio bratislava radhus hovSlovakia Round Trip

We can propose you Slovakia Round Trips and offer you experienced
qualified guide services, too.  Anything is possible. Just let us know,

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Bratislava City and Castle Picture Gallery

bratislava castle bratislava city bratislava old town sightseeing view
Bratislava Old Town and Castle

bratislava primate s palace bratislava primatialpalais bratislava palazzo primazziale ex curia bratislva aerkebiskoplig palast
Bratislava Primate's Palace
bratislava ufo restaurant snp bridge bratislava snp bruecke bratislava ponte di snp ristorante ufo bratislava snp bron ufo restaurang
Bratislava SNP Bridge and UFO Restaurant
bratislava public garden san janka krala bratislava stadtpark sad janka krala bratislava giardino pubblico di janko kral bratislava park  
Bratislava Sad Janka Krala Park
bratislava danube river evening bratislava donau am abend bratislava danubio di sera bratislava donau flode
Bratislava Evening S Scenic View  Danube River and Bratislava Castle
bratislava castle western gate bratislava burg westtor castello di bratislava porta occidentale bratislava slott vaestport
Bratislava Castle, Western Gate of the Court of Honour
bratislava-national-bank-tallest-building bratislava nationalbank banca nazionale nationalbank
Bratislava Slovak National Bank

bratislava orthodox synagogue bratislava orthodoxe synagoge bratislava sinagoga ortodossa bratislava synagog
Bratislava Orthodox Synagogue

bratislava second castle devin bratislavas zweite burg devin theben secondo castello di bratislava devin bratislavas andra slott devin     
Bratislava's Second Castle Devin,

bratislava-st-martins-coronation-church-and-fortifications bratislava duomo di san martino e fortificazioni bratislava martinsdom und stadtmauern bratislava martinskyrkan och stadsmurarna
Bratislava Martinsdome and Bratislava City Walls
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bratislava castle bratislava burg pressburg bratislava castello bratislava slott
Bratislava Castle, South
bratislava city main square bratislava altstadt hauptplatz bratislava piazza maggiore citta vecchia bratislava gamla stan torg
Bratislava Old Town, Main Square
bratislava city michael s gate bratislava michaeler tor bratislava porta di san michele bratislava michaels port
Bratislava Michael's Gate
bratislava philharmony palace redoute bratislava philharmonie redoute bratislava palazzo della filarmonica bratislava filharmoniets hus
Bratislava Redoute, Slovak Philharmony
bratislava gothic church di st clara bratislava gothische klarissenkirche bratislava chiesa gotica di s chiara bratislava klarissinenkyrka
Bratislava gothic St.Clare Church
bratislava danube cruise boat bratislava kreuzfahrten bratislava battelli di crociera bratislava krysning
Bratislava Cruise Boats on the Danube River
bratislava hviezdoslav square bratislava hviezdoslava platz bratislava piazza di hviezdoslava bratislava hviezdoslav torg
Bratislava Hviezdoslavovo-Square

bratislava communist era blocks of flat night view bratislava plattenhaueser aus der zeit des kommunistischen regimes bratislava condomini di epoca communista bratislava hoeghus byggd under kommunistiska regimet
Bratislava Night  View on the Danube River
bratislava city red roofs bratislava altstadt daecher bratislava citta vecchia tetti bratislava hustaket
Bratislava Old Town Roofs
bratislava sigismund gate bratislava sigismund tor bratislava porta di sigismondo bratislava sigismundport
Bratislava Castle Burg, Sigismund's Gate

Bratislava Travel Tips

Slovakia is an

EU country in the Schengen area

slovakia is eu country slowakei ist eu land slovacchie e membro dell ue slovakie eu medlem

Euro country - you pay with euros here

slovak currency is euro slowakische waehrung ist der euro moneta slovacca e euro slovakiens valuta aer euro

Bratislavas location - very easy to reach

bratislava lays in the middle between Prague Vienna Budapest and Cracow

Arrival to Bratislava

bratislava travel vienna to bratislava hydrofoil speed boat connection tragfluegelboot wien bratislava verbindung aliscafo collegamento vienna bratislava baerplansbaten fran wien till bratislava
Motorway to Bratislava: 
Bratislava only 1 hr. drive from Vienna

Railway connections to Bratislava
50 min. from Vienna
70 trains per day
Vienna-Bratislava Tickets +Schedule

Direct Flight to Bratislava
Bratislava airport:
15 min. from Bratislava City Centre
Bratislava Airport Flights

Vienna International Airport
30 min. from Bratislava City Centre
Vienna AirportFlights

To Bratislava by bicycle  Danube Cycle Path:
4 hrs. Vienna to Bratislava

Boat connection from Vienna to Braislava

Vienna to Bratislava Hydrofoil Schedule +Tickets

Twin City Liner Schedule + Tickets
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